Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Teachers Are Stuck In the Middle

I have noticed that teachers seem to be fearful in ARD/IEP meetings.  The teacher knows what the child needs academically more than anyone in the committee, however they are quiet and sometimes non responsive -- why is this?  I believe the teachers are somewhat fearful for their jobs.  In the ARD/IEP meeting I know the teacher wants to allow and recommend services, but he/she is stuck.  With the cutbacks in education and the lack of funding I believe teachers are told to keep their mouths shut - either this is implied or even being said directly.  Administrators are pressing to meet budget demands and the special needs student suffers.  If the teacher speaks up, he/she is subject to bureaucratic policy that will include nitpicking anything possible to prevent renewing contracts.  Therefore, my most trusted source of information is now mute-- as advocates for students we must really do our homework and read between the lines.  The answer is  available, it is not as easy to ascertain.  Teachers -- I do sympathize with your position and I will not put you in the middle -- I will dig to find the right accommodations and modifications for each of my clients -- maybe a  phone call or email can help push me in the right direction -- mum is the word!

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