Friday, June 3, 2011

Employing Helping Professionals

I am really disgusted when I walk into a doctors office and I have to wait more than 15 minutes.  I showed up on time along with 10 other patients all clamoring to be the first to sign in.  What is the deal here?  Lets have all the people show up at the same time and then we will SLOWLY show them to a small waiting room and I will sit for eternity waiting for the almighty doctor to arrive.  Come on -- this is insane!   Show some courtesy.  I understand that you (DR)  want to run a tight schedule all day,  however my time is important too.  Book them every 15 minutes??  We don't like to wait with a screaming baby in the little examination room while you piddle around making notes.  OK - I have complained enough and I am sure everyone know what I am talking about. 
I believe we need to employ quality people that have our best interests at heart. Why do we trust rude and inconsiderate people to help us or our children?  Dentists are getting the picture, they are becoming much more patient friendly and I believe we have an abundance of dentists that need money.  Guess what, they are cordial, nice and for the most part prompt.  The same should be true of all the helping profession, we are not above the people receiving the treatment!
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